Confronting and adapting to change — you’re not alone

The Business Services team at VJC includes professionals with extensive experience assisting businesses facing transition, closures, moves, and downsizing. During times of change and crisis, our experts are here to help minimize the impact for you and your employees, avoid and reduce layoffs when possible, and build your business resilience for future challenges.

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Business Challenges

For businesses at risk of downsizing and closures, our team assists with developing strategies and programs to minimize and avoid layoffs. The earlier we can intervene, the more we can do to find solutions that keep your business going and your people employed.

Employee Transitions

When downsizing and closures are unavoidable, we work with businesses to help employees relocate, navigate unemployment benefits, find support and resources, prepare for new career paths, and secure reemployment. We’ll show your people the compassion and respect they deserve.

Additional Funding Assistance

If your business is facing transition, our Business Services team can help you access a range of financial and funding resources to manage change and confront challenges.

The Small Business Administration offers loan programs for businesses facing financial challenges. Our team can help connect you to this vital business resource.

The Cities of Los Angeles and Glendale offer loan programs for small businesses facing crisis. We’ll use our connections to help simplify and complete the loan process.

We can help businesses facing downsizing or closures access Unemployment Insurance (UI) Work Sharing program as a temporary alternative to layoffs.

Let us help you reach your business goals.