“Joining the VWDB Board is an effective way for local business leaders to have a direct impact in shaping our regional workforce to meet evolving employers’ needs, fill labor gaps, and to ensure businesses and job seekers in our communities’ thrive. Being a Board member means being part of the solution.”

— Ara Aslanian, Inverselogic, Inc VWDB Chair

Our Board Members


Representing a diverse coalition of business, educational, government, labor, and community leaders, VWDB members serve the tri-city Verdugo region of Glendale, Burbank and La Cañada Flintridge with innovative employment and training services that build the competitive workforce needed to support our local business and economic growth.

As industry leaders, board members provide policy and strategic guidance to create specialized programs that successfully train and employ our region’s job seekers to meet the human capital needs of our local businesses. Board member roles and responsibilities include:

• Engaging with employers to identify labor needs and leveraging this information to develop customized programs to meet those needs.

• Conducting research and analysis of the labor market and local economic landscape to inform more strategic and targeted decisions on workforce development strategies, activities and investment.

• Convening, brokering and leveraging local stakeholders to assist in developing a local workforce development plan and identifying expertise and resources to support workforce development activities.

• Leading the effort to develop and implement career pathways targeted to individuals with barriers to employment.

• Creating opportunities for our workforce to succeed alongside community and elected leaders.

• Determining how the Verdugo Jobs Center will deliver services to its customers and where funds will be invested, and providing oversight and accountability to ensure quality of services and outcomes.

• Negotiating local performance measures to secure designation as a high-quality workforce development board by the State.

• Assisting in selecting high-quality vendors to help the VWDB achieve its missions and goals, and help implement performance excellence strategies.

• Sharing experience and expertise in a mentorship capacity with youth exploring future careers, job skills workshops, and industry-specific events.

• Collaborating with workforce development boards across the region, state and nation to share best practices.

• Attending conferences as VWDB representatives to gain and share information on critical workforce development issues and the local, state and national levels.

Benefits of membership

While helping our job seekers, employers, and communities continue to thrive, VWDB members enjoy a range of value-added benefits, including:

Be part of the solution

The VWDB welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with new members and partners interested in helping us build a more resilient and competitive workforce, strengthening businesses and community.

Our Current Board of Directors