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At the VJC, we’re focused on helping you overcome obstacles and find right career path for the future you want. We’re here to support you from the moment you walk through the VJC door to the day you start your new life-changing career — and beyond.

We’ll start by matching you with a dedicated Career Counselor who works with you one-on-one to create an Employment Plan mapping out your steps to success. Whatever obstacles you encounter along the way, we’ll help you face them so you can reach your full potential, use your talents, and empower your own success.



Learn more about exciting career paths in high-growth fields, with in-person, individualized career counseling or by using our virtual career exploration tools.

Career Information

See where the jobs are, which businesses in your area are hiring and growing, and how much money you could earn.

Skills Assessment

We’ll help you identify your strengths skills and your interests, then help you build on those to find the rewarding career path making good money doing what you love.

Back to Work

If you’ve been laid off or out of work for a long period of time, we’ll help you get back on track with upgraded skills, renewed confidence, and a resilient new career direction.


Get trained, get connected, and get hired. Let the VJC help. We connect people facing employment barriers to a wide range of no-cost job training opportunities in industries with a high need for qualified workers.

You’ll build the in-demand skills and work experience employers want, and start on a rewarding career path with a wide-open future. While you’re completing your training, our staff will support you along the way with resources and guidance as you reach your goals and enhance your marketable job skills.

Paid On-the-Job Training

“I need to earn money while I’m training.”

Earn while you build high-value skills training on the job. Many on-the-job training opportunities lead to full-time employment and the start of a great career.

Vocational School

“I want to learn new skills.”

Build new skills with classroom learning offered through our partnering vocational schools and community colleges. Classes are free and led by dedicated instructors with working experience.

Certification & Apprenticeships

“I want to be certified for a career or enter an apprenticeship.”

We can help you find and enroll in free industry-recognized certification and apprenticeship programs in high-demand fields. When you finish, we’ll be there to help connect you to employers who value your skills.

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“I’m so appreciative of what the VJC has done, and recommend them to anyone who has a hard time finding work.”

— Hripsime K.